Soriano Motori launches high performance EV motorcycle


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100-year-old brand sets new bar for the future of motorcycles

The Soriano Group launches Soriano Motori Corp, a high performance EV motorcycle innovation, design, and cultural liaison for the next generation of riders, from a legacy brand of motorcycles originally founded in ’39. The launch of SMC under the leadership of Marco Soriano will continue its family legacy of innovation and invention ahead of its time.  

Marco Soriano, founder of SMC commented that, Soriano Motori’s motorcycles represented the finest Italian designs, images, branding, architecture and engineering, that for the first time were being applied to EV motorcycles for the next generation of riders. Owners of Soriano Motori motorcycles were assured the look, feel and lifestyle of what they loved about motorcycles, fused with the intoxication of a strong and proud made in Italy brand. The company brings elegance and innovation into balance to deliver something that was transcendent for the motorcycle culture.

For years, the Italian pursuit of both style and grace in the most advanced form of engineering has become a pride of the culture.

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The owners of Soriano EV motorcycles were promised to be piloting one of the most advanced, stylist, and environmentally friendly Italian machines on the planet,added Marco Soriano. Production takes place at two state-of-the-art facilities in Oggiono & Lecco, towns surrounding the outstanding Lake Como, Italy.

Application, design, integration, manufacturing, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) approaches and systems are already established in delivery and production of our V1-R, V1-S and V1-Gara series models, currently available for pre-order and initially capped at 100 total available units. As a modern global brand, SM’s payment systems are secured and enabled to receive multiple global currencies including US dollar (USD), the British pound (BDP) and the Euro (EUR), as well as various mainstream cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

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