Arcimoto and Munro team up for high volume production of ultra efficient EVs


Arcimoto, Inc.® makers of the Fun Utility Vehicle® (FUV®), Rapid Responder™, and Deliverator™–affordable, practical, and joyful pure electric vehicles for everyday commuters and fleets–announced today that it has teamed with Munro & Associates to evaluate Arcimoto’s manufacturing processes and supply chain management in order to drive down costs and begin high-volume production of Arcimoto ultra-efficient electric vehicles.

Mark Frohnmayer, Arcimoto Founder and CEO commented that, Sandy Munro has been a legend in the industry and they were thrilled to work with him. The company is confident on his team’s expertise which will help them to improve the quality of every vehicle they make, as well as streamline their manufacturing processes as they prepare to shift into volume production.

Munro & Associates is a global leader in helping manufacturers create breakthrough products that leap-frog the competition in innovation, profitability and quality, and is known worldwide for its pioneering work in Lean Design® and its proprietary Design Profit® software, as well as for its recent vehicle teardowns and benchmarking of BMW’s i3 and Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y.

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Sandy Munro, CEO of Munro & Associates stated that,they wanted to start off with the fun part soon and that was a fun trike with no question about it. The company was very excited to be part of this new adventure, this new way of traveling and could hardly wait to get started.They look forward to doing everything they can to make the vehicle as profitable as possible.

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