Mobile EV Charger market to account for 2% of the $60 billion EV Charger market by 2030


As the EV population continues to grow and expand into new ownership cases and vehicle types, gaps and pain points with current stationary charging solutions are emerging. Mobile EV charging presents opportunities to improve the convenience of EV ownership and generate a new market for the off-take and reuse of EV batteries. For the EV charging industry, it also presents opportunities to provide new financial solutions and enhanced services to EV owners. By 2030, mobile chargers are expected to account for 2% of the $60 billion EV charger market says the report of Guidehouse Insights.

Scott Shepard, senior research analyst with Guidehouse Insights stated that, Mobile EV charging solutions are well positioned to not only close gaps in charging services, supporting EV market growth, but also extend the useful life of EV batteries, diminishing associated environmental impacts of battery production and disposal.

According to the report, as industry continues to explore this area, automakers, battery suppliers, and mobile EV charger suppliers should examine how existing battery packs can become more interoperable between usage modes. This interoperability is expected to cut system costs and make offtake markets more sustainable and viable.

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