Bridgewater Announces Opening of Two Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


Bridgewater Township announces the opening of two ChargePoint electric vehicle (EV) charging stations located at the Municipal Complex and the Bridgewater Library. The two charging stations were paid for by grants received from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s “It Pays to Plug In” Program and Sustainable Jersey and the Gardinier Environmental Fund.

“We are proud to have these charging stations available for visitors to our Township buildings,” said Mayor Moench. “It is important to continue to find ways to encourage our employees and residents to think about, and act in ways that promote, sustainability in our community. This announcement is just another step in that direction. I’d like to thank all the stakeholders, including the funders and our partners at the County, for bringing this project to fruition.”

The charging stations will be available to the public 24/7. The fees associated with their usage are as follows: $1.50 for the first two hours and $2.50 per hour thereafter.

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