Electra to Launch Their First Electric Vehicle


Electra looking to outperform, out price and out class the current EV market by building an ecofriendly supercar fit for the mid-range consumer. The ultimate symbol of strength and renewal, Electra is built with the finest EV technology available.

The priority for Electra is to replace the current ICE (internal Combustion Engine) car market to Electric Vehicles by 50% therefore having a greater impact on the Environment rather than super profits for the company.

“While watching the market for electric vehicles we noticed that either the EV cars were very expensive or not appealing in look to the customer base, in order to increase customer interest, we decided to design and build a car that will be ranked as a supercar, but still be affordable to the medium budget client;”Mr. J Mohammad, Founder EV ELECTRA LTD.

EV Electra Limited is on a mission to support and accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy, while not compromising, on design, performance and affordability.Planning its first appearance in Q2 2020, booking will be starting soon after.

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