Honda Shifts Focus To SUVs And Electrification In India, Aiming For Carbon Neutrality By 2040

A file photo of Honda New City e:HEV

Honda Motor Company has announced a strategic shift in India, focusing solely on sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) as it aims to tap into the country’s growing SUV market.

Electrification is a central aspect of Honda’s strategy, with plans to achieve carbon neutrality globally by 2040. The company will launch its first fully electric vehicle in India in the next three years, based on its recently introduced Elevate SUV.

By 2030, Honda plans to introduce five more models, including EVs based on the Elevate platform and other SUVs. This move is part of Honda’s commitment to competing in the rapidly advancing Indian electrification market.

Furthermore, Honda is open to partnerships to develop emerging technologies, provided such collaborations are mutually beneficial. This approach aligns with the company’s goal of exploring alliances to strengthen its technological advancements and presence in the market.

Honda is committed to achieving carbon neutrality globally by 2040, with significant milestones set for 2030, 2035, and 2040. The Indian market plays a crucial role in Honda’s electrification plans, and the company intends to compete effectively in this dynamic sector.

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