Mercedes-Benz Introduces Updated EQA And EQB Models With Extended Range Capability

A file photo of EQB electric vehicle of Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has revealed updated versions of its EQA and EQB models, with a strong emphasis on enhancing efficiency and extending driving ranges up to 560 km according to the WLTP standard. These improvements are achieved through a range of strategies, including advanced aerodynamic optimizations.

Mercedes-Benz is also aiming to improve the charging experience by introducing the Plug & Charge function in the latest EQA and EQB models. One notable innovation involves integrating a new leading-edge design for the rear wheel arch, aimed at improving aerodynamics. The taillights now include a ridge that functions as a spoiler, further contributing to the vehicle’s streamlined performance.

Additionally, the inclusion of 235/55 R 18 tires with optimized rolling resistance significantly enhances overall efficiency. These summer tires are standard in various European markets. The addition of a “range monitoring” feature introduces practicality to everyday driving. This function, accessible through the MBUX system, presents energy-saving options on the central screen.

A particularly noteworthy feature is the display of a maximum driving speed, indicated by a red line on the speedometer, to help drivers avoid unnecessary charge stops. Notably, the Active Distance Assist Distronic (available optionally) and cruise control systems align seamlessly with the recommended speed, calculated in real time through cloud-based processing.

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Mercedes-Benz has also introduced ‘Sound Experiences’ to the EQA and EQB models, a feature previously found in larger electric models, in partnership with the optional Burmester surround sound system. Drivers can choose from distinct acoustic settings, each creating a unique ambience.

“Silver Waves” offers a sensual and crisp sound, while “Vivid Flux” appeals to electric vehicle enthusiasts with a crystalline, synthetic, and warmly human tone. Activation or deactivation of Sound Experiences is easily accomplished through the central display. The Plug & Charge function streamlines charging at Plug & Charge-enabled public charging points.

Upon connecting the charging cable, the charging process begins automatically, eliminating the need for additional authentication steps. Communication between the vehicle and the charging station happens seamlessly through the charging cable.

Customers can activate the Plug & Charge service within their service overview. ‘Mercedes me Charge’, in collaboration with Ionity and Aral, provides access to an extensive charging network across Europe, comprising over 1.3 million AC and DC charging points, including 500,000 in Europe. This network is powered by renewable energy sources, ensuring sustainable charging with certified origin certificates. Moreover, exclusive charging points powered by green electricity, a joint effort with the Ionity fast-charging network, exemplify Mercedes’ commitment to sustainability.

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