Yulu Teams Up With Zepto To Drive Green Deliveries And Empower Delivery Workforce

A file photo of Yulu Dex GR

Yulu, the leading player in India’s shared electric two-wheeler mobility sector, has announced a collaboration with Zepto, a prominent e-grocery service in India, aimed at enhancing eco-friendly deliveries. This partnership will expand Yulu’s footprint in the rapidly growing hyperlocal delivery segment across key cities such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Delhi, and Gurugram.

Additionally, it will facilitate Zepto’s transition to an all-electric vehicle fleet. The initiative involves Yulu deploying 20,000 advanced shared DeX EVs to serve as delivery vehicles for Zepto’s partners. This endeavor holds the potential to provide sustainable livelihoods, particularly for individuals lacking a driving license or their own vehicle.

As part of their collaborative approach, Yulu and Zepto will mutually promote each other’s offerings through both online and offline channels.

Through the utilization of Yulu’s affordable shared mobility solutions, these delivery riders will have the chance to enhance their income and savings. The partnership is also expected to encourage more women to embrace delivery roles, contributing to gender diversity in the sector.

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Pradeep Puranam, Yulu’s Head of Revenue and Operations, emphasized the significance of such partnerships, underscoring Yulu’s commitment to fostering green and sustainable deliveries across the nation. Their comprehensive micro-mobility solution is designed to enhance operational efficiencies for hyperlocal logistics companies, ultimately reducing delivery expenses and enhancing earnings for delivery partners.

Vikas Sharma, Zepto’s Chief Operating Officer, highlighted that a substantial portion of Zepto’s deliveries now rely on environmentally friendly vehicles. Collaborations like the one with Yulu not only strengthen these eco-friendly efforts but also play a crucial role in bringing in a workforce by equipping them with vehicles, thereby boosting employability.

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