Indore Inaugurates State’s First Solar-Enabled Public EV Charging Station


Atal Indore Transport Services Limited (AICTSL) took a significant step towards making Indore a ‘solar city’ by inaugurating the state’s first alternate energy-enabled public EV charging station.

With a plan to set up 46 additional charging points across the city, AICTSL aims to promote electric vehicles (EVs) in public and private transportation.

Inspired by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) and AICTSL are committed to leading the country in renewable energy usage, aligning with the Prime Minister’s goal of achieving Net-Zero emissions by 2070.

The newly inaugurated charging station, located near AICTSL’s office, will cater to electric two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and EV auto-rickshaws.

Charging a two-wheeler fully requires approximately three hours, consuming around four units of electricity at the rate of Rs 15 per unit. The station allows up to six vehicles to charge simultaneously and offers pre-booking and prepaid recharge facilities to users.

AICTSL has proposed a total of 47 charging stations, 37 of which will be slow charging points and 10 fast charging points, to promote green mobility across the city.

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Currently, AICTSL operates 40 electric buses in its public transport service, with 15 charging points available near Silicon City Square, Hawa Bungalow Square, and Rajiv Gandhi Square. The initiative is a significant stride towards reducing carbon emissions and fostering sustainable transportation options in Indore.

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