BluSmart Completes 200 Million Electric Kilometers Mark

A file photo of BluSmart Mobility's electric vehicle

On the occasion of World Environment Day, BluSmart Mobility, India’s leading EV ride-hailing service and EV charging superhub infrastructure operator, announced a significant milestone of completing over 200 million clean kilometers through 6 million + zero-emission trips in its EV fleet since its inception in 2019. This achievement solidifies BluSmart’s position as a frontrunner in the mission to decarbonise transportation in megacities of India.

With a commitment to reduce carbon emissions, BluSmart EVs have successfully saved over 14,600 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to the positive impact of more than 630,000 fully grown trees actively absorbing CO2 within a year. 

BluSmart’s fleet of over 4,000 EV cars has played a pivotal role in mitigating pollution caused by road transportation in the Delhi NCR and Bengaluru, where urban air quality has been a pressing concern. 

The exponential growth witnessed by BluSmart EVs in clean kilometers over the past four years, and the significant 3.6-fold increase achieved in the past year (June ’22 to June ’23), is a testament to BluSmart’s fight against climate change.

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Commenting on this significant milestone, Punit Goyal, Co-founder, BluSmart said, “Safeguarding our planet for present and future generations is our collective responsibility. BluSmart empowers individuals by offering them the choice of a clean, all-electric daily transportation option, thereby enabling them to actively contribute to saving the planet. Today, reaching the milestone of over 200 million clean kilometres underscores the immense potential and reliability of our full stack EV ride-hailing service, coupled with our large-scale EV charging infrastructure network.”

He added, “BluSmart is steadfast in its commitment to building an integrated Energy-Infrastructure-Electric Mobility business with a purpose. Our primary aim is to decarbonise mobility at scale in India, and we thank our riders and driver partners for choosing sustainable public transportation. Their love and loyalty inspire us to continuously prioritise their satisfaction and build a brand that values their trust.”

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