Accenture Introduces 200+ Electric Vehicles For Employees For Sustainable Travel

A file photo of Accenture Introduces 200+ Electric Vehicles to Its Indian Fleet for Sustainable Travel

The leading IT services and consulting firm, Accenture has incorporated more than 200 electric vehicles into its fleet in India. This move reflects their dedication to environmental sustainability and aims to provide climate-friendly travel options for their employees across four locations: Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and the National Capital Region.

This endeavour is in line with Accenture’s worldwide dedication to fostering significant environmental transformation and conducting operations in a sustainable manner. Their goals include achieving net-zero emissions by the end of 2025, transitioning to zero waste, and proactively managing water risks.

Ajay Vij, the Country Managing Director of Accenture in India, emphasized their focus on sustainability, integrating it into all aspects of their operations to create value and make a lasting positive impact. By introducing electric vehicles into their fleet, they aim to offer eco-conscious transportation choices for their employees in India, furthering their commitment to sustainable business practices and their goal of achieving net-zero emissions.

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According to Accenture’s 2022 report, the company has accomplished a renewable electricity blend exceeding 99% in their Indian office locations. Additionally, they have successfully reused or recycled all e-waste generated from computers and workstations, achieving a 100% recycling rate.

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