MG Motor Partners With CEAT Limited For EV Specific Tyres

A file photo of MG Motors' Comet

MG Motor partners with CEAT Limited to supply electric vehicle tyres for MG Comet EV. This will be called EnergyDrive. These tires are created with the aim of providing excellent durability, reduced energy loss during rolling, and an extended lifespan, which makes them perfect for electric vehicles.

Arnab Banerjee, MD & CEO, Ceat Limited, said, “We are excited to partner with MG Motors for their newest electric vehicle, MG Comet. At Ceat, we are committed to providing innovative and high-quality tyre solutions for the growing EV market in India. Our partnership with MG Motors for the Comet showcases our expertise in this area, and we are confident that our tyres will provide excellent performance and safety for this vehicle. The launch of the MG Comet with Ceat tyres will provide a comfortable, safe, and eco-friendly driving experience for Indian consumers.”

Biju Balendran, Deputy MD, MG Motor India said, “We are happy to partner with Ceat, a globally renowned brand. We believe that together, our partnership will prove to be a testament to our mutual commitment to delivering excellence, particularly in the electric vehicle segment. The advanced EV tyres provided by Ceat perfectly align with our vision for the MG Comet, enabling unparalleled performance and safety. This collaboration showcases our brand’s promise of pushing boundaries and redefining the future of e-mobility. Together, we are driving innovation, elevating customer experiences, and spearheading the growth of the EV industry in India.”

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The design of the MG Comet EV manifests the Future-Tech world. Designed on the concept of BICO—’Big Inside, Compact Outside’, Comet EV offers comfortably spacious and enhanced legroom as well as headroom. The Curved Tech Body line accentuates the aerodynamic and stylish aspects of the Comet EV from the outside. The sides of the Comet EV carry a futuristic rear-view mirror design with a floating motif. The aero-craft cabin window in the second row allows for added visibility in the Comet EV.

The company has also introduced tires that are specifically tailored for electric buses and motorcycles, showcasing its dedication to promoting environmentally friendly transportation.

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