ETO Mobility Services Launches Electric Three-wheeler Fleet at Kachiguda Station, Hyderabad


With a steadfast commitment to transforming urban transportation, ETO Motors is continuing its efforts to revolutionize India’s Electric Mobility as a Service (EMaaS) sector with its latest launch of 15 E- autos at Kacheguda station Hyderabad in partnership with South Central Railway. ETO Motors is also in the process to expand its EV fleet at other stations in collaboration with South Central Railway.

ETO Motors with its unique 360-degrees Electric Mobility business model, has a target of launching 500 E-autos in Hyderabad. 120 E-autos are already running in the city and ETO Motors plans to add 380 more E-autos to improvise the first and last mile experience for local passengers in Hyderabad.

These electric autos have state-of-the-art safety features and are equipped with IoT technology ensuring the safety of passengers and drivers alike. A long with this ETO Motors has established EV charging stations, powered by their proprietary charging solution – Thunderbox, at the metro station. This cutting-edge charging network has the capacity to simultaneously charge up to 30 electric vehicles at a time, enabling efficient charging for multiple vehicles at once. The initiative is in line with ETO’s core principle of empowerment and aims to promote their drive and ownership scheme.

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Commenting on the launch, Mr Pavan Chavali, Managing Director and CEO, ETO Motors said,” We are immensely proud to be a major part of the green revolution through our electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. This launch at Kachiguda station is a step in the right direction for us to launch more e-autos in multiple stations in Hyderabad. ETO electric three-wheelers are the best combination of technology and safety. Driver/Passenger seat belts, bucket seats, topple free technology are some of the best-in-class features assuring a safe and secure ride for passengers.”

This initiative of ETO Motors at the station is a welcome change for the electrification of public transport to enable India to transition to electric mobility. The launch of these e-autos will improve last-mile connectivity for passengers of nearby localities. ETO has earlier launched E3Ws in Delhi Metro and has its presence across major cities in India. ETO is a proud Telangana startup born electric in Hyderabad and has a target of launching 10,000 e-autos across India and enabling the charging infrastructure, which is key to better adoption of EV’s.

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