Power Storage Startup, Su-vastika Launches Electric Scooter Batteries

A file photo of Su-vastika Launches Electric Scooter Batteries

Sustainable energy solutions startup Su-vastika has launched electric scooter batteries for EVs which are built upon the LifFePO4 technology. The company’s new electric scooter batteries can also power homes for 3-6 hours, in case of power failure. 

Founder of Su-vastika Khushboo Sachdev says, “We are experimenting with creating environmentally friendly charging stations for electric vehicles as part of our commitment to creating solutions for a better future. As a society, we are starting an electric vehicle revolution that will lessen our reliance on biofuels and promote a cleaner environment. But there is a significant issue with this environmentally friendly approach, which is to charge electric vehicles.”

“We are developing proprietary technology for charging stations for cars, e-rickshaws, bikes, and other vehicles. These charging stations will also have a feature that will give power backup in the event of a power outage”, adds Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, founder Su-kam and currently mentoring Su-vastika. 

The Gurugram-based company has recently made this announcement in lieu of the increasing focus on the use of electric vehicles and to cater to the demand for solar power-driven batteries for electric scooters. It is said that solar-powered EV charging stations will be more dependable, affordable, and environmentally friendly than present charging stations that are only reliant on the grid. The company has stated that the advanced lithium-ion battery system is designed to operate a two-wheeler and a home inverter alternatively, which has been made possible with battery swapping technology.

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The company states that solar-powered batteries for EVs can be used with the existing batteries in EV scooters. In the dual-purpose battery, the user has to simply switch off the scooter, remove the backseat, and unplug the connector to take out the battery bank. The new EV battery bank from Su-vastika enables EV scooters to charge their electric scooter more quickly and efficiently. The mechanism is also said to enable users to charge batteries at their homes and set up an automated device that can save them from frequent power failures.

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