Mangaluru International Airport Adds Two More Electric Vehicles To Its Fleet For Sustainable Operations


To achieve sustainability in routine operations, the Mangaluru International Airport (MIA), has added two additional electric vehicles to its pool of vehicles.

According to a release by the MIA, six electric vehicles are now in the airport’s pool.

Five of the six EVs in the set are sub-compact crossover SUVs. The sixth EV is an SUV that’s been converted into a Follow Me’ or ‘Apron Control’ vehicle to be used on the airside.

These ‘green cars’ are powered by an EV charging station located on the island’s landside. The designated departments use them for their daily operational needs.

The MIA has the plan to create an EV charging station at the airport for electric vehicles. The airport’s carbon footprint will be reduced by switching to electric vehicles. According to the release, the induction of additional EVs is in keeping with the airport’s goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2029.

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