Bolt.Earth Launches Open Electric Vehicle Charging Platform In India


Bolt.Earth announced the launch its Open EV Charging Platform. This platform aims to connect all charging points across India into one single platform. This initiative aims to meet the increasing demand for charging points across India and make charging more accessible to all. Bolt.Earth will be a one-stop destination for electric vehicle users in India to locate and use charging stations.

Bolt.Earth’s charging system is designed to be both user-friendly and efficient for hosts. It features a robust verification process and an industry-first peer validation system. Bolt.Earth’s Open EV Charging Platform is already able to provide access to more than 20k+ charging stations and has successfully integrated with more than 20+ EV charger OEMs, mobile apps, and electric vehicle manufacturers. This platform connects with EV drivers to make range anxiety a thing of the past and dramatically improves the charging experience for EV users.

The company’s Open EV Charging Platform has allowed charging point manufacturers, fleet operators, and top EV manufacturers to add their charging points into the Bolt.Earth network. To facilitate EV charging, the EV tech company called upon third-party, app-based services providers to integrate Bolt.Earth charging services into their apps.

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Bolt.Earth’s Head of, Product Chaitanya Chaudhari said, “We are thrilled to launch the Open Electric Vehicle Charging Platform. This platform has been a huge success with Tier-1 two-wheeler electric vehicle manufacturers as well as third-party service apps like Highway Delite, Park+, and Log9. This platform is essential for the country in order to provide interoperability among different charging networks. It also allows for more uniform energy consumption for all EV users, regardless of whether they are using a two-wheeler, three-wheeler, or four-wheeler.”

The demand for charging points is increasing rapidly as EV sales in India are reaching an inflection point. Bolt.Earth’s Open Electric Vehicle Charging Platform is designed to meet this demand by connecting charging points through a single app. This platform allows charging point hosts to tap into demand for their charging points.

This platform will allow EV manufacturers and charger point hosts to easily reach EV charging customers. Bolt.Earth’s software stack also includes the Bolt EV Charging App as well as Charger Management System (CMS). This allows hosts and manufacturers to track charging point health and consumption in real time.

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The Open EV Charging Platforms provide third-party apps with a way to enhance their in-app offerings and add EV charging as a value-added service. Bolt.Earth will make available its SDKs and APIs to service providers to enable them to integrate charging services into their apps.

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