Volvo Group Launches CampX Incubator to Accelerate Sustainable Mobility Startups

CampX mobility incubator by Volvo Group

The Volvo Group has announced the launch of a new incubator track at its CampX global collaboration hub for startups. The new track, called Incubator, will enable early-stage startups with cutting-edge technologies to develop their ideas and take them to market.

Since its launch in 2019, more than 50 startups have collaborated with Volvo Group at CampX. The incubator track will provide startups with access to mentoring, networks, and business insights from Volvo Group’s experts, who work alongside the startups to bring new ideas to life and scale them up.

The incubator track is part of Volvo Group’s commitment to supporting startups in developing impactful innovations with a focus on sustainability, particularly in the areas of electromobility, autonomous vehicles, and digital solutions.

Lars Stenqvist, Chief Technology Officer at Volvo Group, said: “We are confident that the CampX concept can help catalyze an urgent transformation of the transport industry towards a sustainable future. CampX is a strategic engine where we can accelerate technology and business innovation through partnerships.”

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The first batch of startups in the incubator track includes Radchat, which is developing technology to enable radars to communicate to get precise positioning in underground mines, Repli5, whose software automates the creation of 3D environments for simulation, Kite, which is working on thermal management solutions for electromobility to enable efficient cooling, Fyrqom, a company working with automated tire pressure measurement and management, and Autonomous Knight, which has developed a multi-spectral camera to enable better all-weather vision.

Helene Niklasson, Head of CampX at Volvo Group, said: “Ideas from startups such as these first five can lead to important benefits for the transport industry. We help entrepreneurs to validate their potential breakthrough solutions as quickly as possible, to advance sustainable mobility.”

The CampX concept is available at Volvo Group’s research and development (R&D) facilities in Gothenburg in Sweden, Lyon in France, Bangalore in India, and Greensboro in North America. The incubator track is first being launched at the CampX Gothenburg hub.

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