Sun-N-Sand Hotels to set up EV charging stations in Mumbai & Shirdi in partnership with Greenie Energy


Sun-N-Sand Hotels has announced a partnership with Greenie Energy to set up 20 electric vehicle (EV) charging points at its Mumbai and Shirdi hotels. The agreement will see Sun-N-Sand scale up its EV charging infrastructure to 120 charging points over the next five years, in response to the growing requirement of EV charging facilities for its guests.

Greenie Energy, a subscription-based EV charging company, will provide the hardware solution to convert any simple electric charging socket into an EV charging station. The proprietary mobile application of Greenie Energy will operate the charging stations. Sun-N-Sand Hotels will benefit from the EV charging infrastructure as it will give its frequent guests, including family holidays, business trips and other clients, the advantage of recharging their vehicles.

Arunabh Sinha, Vice President of Sun-N-Sand Hotels, said, “Over the years, India is witnessing a quick transition to electric vehicles, and shortly, the need for this green sustainable alternative will only increase. Foreseeing this evolving need, Sun-n-Sand Hotels proactively installs EV chargers to ensure our guests can relax without worrying about the battery life of their EV vehicles. It’s a contribution towards clean energy through our charging infrastructure.”

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Istayak Ansari, Director and Co-Founder of Greenie Energy, said, “Electric Vehicles are not just a trend but a future of personal transportation. Most of the well-known car manufacturers around the world have committed to ending the production of combustion engines within the next decade or so and switch the production to 100% electric vehicles.”

Sun-N-Sand Hotels’ move to install EV charging facilities will provide its guests with a distinct service advantage, as they will be able to recharge their vehicles at their convenience. The partnership with Greenie Energy will help the hotel chain keep up with the market trend of clean and sustainable energy, and also play a significant role in India’s transition to EVs.

Sun-N-Sand Hotels opened its flagship hotel on Juhu Beach in Mumbai in 1962 and has since created memorable experiences for its patrons. Its success and reputation inspired the opening of Sun-N-Sand at Shirdi, Maharashtra, dedicated to serving the devotees of Sai Baba. Greenie Energy is a Mumbai-based technology company focused on building charging infrastructure for EVs. Its mission is to have Greenie’s EV charging stations across India and become a pillar in building the country’s EV charging infrastructure.

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