Mahindra Last Mile Mobility and SLA Mobility team up to bring electric 3-wheelers to Sri Lanka


Mahindra Last Mile Mobility, the division of Mahindra and Mahindra Limited responsible for petrol, CNG, diesel, and electric last-mile mobility 3- and 4-wheelers, has signed a distribution agreement with SLA Mobility to bring its electric 3-wheelers to Sri Lanka.

The agreement, signed on January 18, 2023, will involve distribution and service support, with LMM exporting its highly regarded electric Treo range and the Zor Grand to the country. These vehicles will be imported into Sri Lanka, subject to the approval of the Sri Lankan government. LMM is also considering localisation or CKD operations in Sri Lanka.

SLA Mobility, a fully-owned subsidiary of Sino Lanka Pvt Ltd, is focused on introducing electric vehicles to Sri Lanka, with a vision to become the pioneer in electric vehicles in the country.

LMM currently exports its products to Nepal and the UK, with ongoing talks with other countries for future exports.

Suman Mishra, CEO of Last Mile Mobility, said, “India’s No.1 electric 3-wheeler company, Mahindra, is pleased to carry the message of sustainability as well as EV propagation to our neighbours. Sri Lanka’s ecosystem will vastly gain from the introduction of Mahindra EVs, and together with SLA Mobility, we aim to enhance the lives of our customers.”

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Bob Kundanmal, Chairman of SLA Mobility, said, “We are proud to be partnered with Mahindra and look forward to untapping the manufacturing potential of Sri Lanka. We believe that development in the electric mobility industry is essential for Sri Lanka’s transportation eco system.”

Founded in 1945, Mahindra Group is one of the largest multinational federations of companies, employing 260,000 people in over 100 countries. It has a clear focus on leading ESG globally, enabling rural prosperity, and enhancing urban living, with a goal to drive positive change in the lives of communities and stakeholders to enable them to rise.

LMM’s vehicles include the Mahindra Jeeto 4-wheeler, Alfa range of 3-wheelers, and the electric-only Zor Grand and Treo range. The company’s products are widely acclaimed for their versatility and efficiency.

The agreement between LMM and SLA Mobility will enhance the presence of electric vehicles in Sri Lanka and bring sustainable transportation options to the country.

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