IESA Launches India Electric Mobility Council (IEMC) Platform to Support Indian EV Ecosystem

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IESA Launches India Electric Mobility Council (IEMC) Platform to Support Indian EV Ecosystem

India Energy storage Alliance (IESA), India’s leading clean energy and technology alliance, is a launching a dedicated electric mobility and EV Infrastructure platform called ‘India Electric Mobility Council’ (IEMC) on 12th January 2023 at Le-Meridian, New Delhi. This all-inclusive, technology-agnostic platform will cater to all stakeholders in the EV ecosystem including EV OEMs, components providers, charging infrastructure and battery swapping companies.

Although India is in the nascent stages of the EV revolution, the EV sales and adoption is fast and picking up every day. EVs are already one of the fastest-growing vehicle markets. They are the future’s transportation and are no longer an exclusive option to early adopters. EVs make up only about 2 percent of total automobile sales in India, but the Union and state government have set targets to increase EV adoption in the next decade.

As government implement various incentives and programs like PLI, FAME, PMP etc. to push the sale of EVs, strong growth rate is expected to continue further. The technologies that are driving the revolution are becoming more precise, with a focus on decreasing prices and increasing manufacturing efficiency and product performance.

At present, the critical priorities of the industry include improved battery technologies and motor capabilities, and reduce charging duration to fulfil buyers’ performance and reliability requirements. The industry and governments are also focusing on indigenous value capture and localized manufacturing.

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To take the whole industry forward, there is urgent need for a single technology-agnostic platform to cater all EV stakeholders. To address this gap, IESA is launching India Electric Mobility Council (IEMC) with the active participation of EV manufacturers, component and equipment providers, fleet operators, battery technology providers, charging infrastructure and service providers, battery swapping companies and other key stakeholders. The launch event will witness the active participation from 60+ CXOs from the leading and emerging EV community.

Mr. Debi Prasad Dash, Executive Director, IESA, said, “The India Electric Mobility Council (IEMC) initiative by IESA is intended to explore opportunities for India to exploit the potential of R&D and manufacturing of e-mobility technologies and support quicker adoption of clean transport. IEMC will also work with government and various stakeholders to address the barriers and focus on the aspects related to safety & standards, charging infrastructure development, battery swapping, V2G mechanism for India.”

Mr. Dash also added that IEMC aims to serve and support more than 100+ EV and infra-related member companies to become the largest EV platform in India by the end of this year.

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IEMC will be organizing multiple events including India Battery Swapping roundtable on 12th January, Global EV Battery Safety Forum on 13th January, and a technical tour on 14th January in New Delhi. Last week, IEMC also sent its budget recommendations for the consideration of Union Ministry of Finance, including GST reduction, special scheme for retro fitment and battery swapping, FAME-II extension and setting up EV Innovation centers across India.

IEMC will focus its activities on following areas including R&D and innovation in EV space, electric vehicle and related component manufacturing across all vehicle segments (2W, 3W, 4W, Bus and heavy-duty vehicles), charging infrastructure, EV adoption and EV fleet operation, battery swapping, training & capacity building, jobs creation, EV financing & taxation, testing and safety, standards and certification, start-ups & investment, urban air mobility and electric boats, vehicle to grid (V2G) and digitization.

Currently, under IEMC, IESA is working with 50+ EV ecosystem players including JBM, Mahindra, Toyota Kirloskar, MTU India (Rolls Royce), Ola Electric, JBM, Ather Energy, Bounce Infinity, Matter Energy, Hop Electric, Go Vidyuth, Emote Electric, Tata Autocomps, Lucas TVS, Keysight Technologies, Bosch, Cell Propulsion, Mac Dermid, Schaltbau, Cummins, SEMCO, Nexcharge, Greenfuel, Grinntech Motors, JLN Phenix, Renon, Log9 Materials, Livguard, Exide Energy, Toshiba, Acceleron Energy, American Battery Solutions, Ampton Energy, Sun Mobility, Battery Smart, ElectricPe, Sheru, Mooving, Exicom, Fortum, Bosch, AMARARAJA, Supriya charging, BluSmart, EEE-Taxi, DrivEV, UL, Atotech BASF, Quanzen, Hitachi, Thermofisher Scintific, ARAI, EESL and others.

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IESA closely work with various central government bodies including Ministry of Power, MoRTH, MoEF&CC, DST, DHI, NITI Aayog, EESL, BEE, BIS and various state governments including Telangana, Karnataka, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Kerala and others.

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