Tata Motors To Deliver 5000 Xpres-T EVs To Everest Fleet

A file photo of Xpres T EVs of Tata Motors

Tata Motors signed an MOU with Everest Fleet Private Limited to deliver 5000 Xpres-T EVs. To celebrate its progress in accelerating sustainable transportation transition, Tata Motors handed 100 cars to Everest Fleet Private Limited.

Senior General Manager, Network Management, EV Sales, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicle Ltd., Ramesh Dorairajan, spoke on the occasion. He stated, “We are thrilled to partner with Everest Fleet Private Limited for 5000 Xpres-T electric sedans.” The XPRES-T EV is a benchmark in India’s EV market segment, with a high level of safety, fast charging, a premium interior theme, and dynamic performance at a reasonable price.

Founder of Everest Fleet Private Limited, Siddharth Laddsariya, said that Everest Fleet is a purpose-led organization with a strong focus on sustainable mobility solutions. Everest Fleet is paving the way to a better India, one km at a time. It is now that our 100% CNG car fleet can be converted to electric vehicles. We are looking forward to this EV journey together with Tata Motors as a strategic partner.

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Tata Motors created the Xpres brand in July 2021 exclusively for fleet customers. The Xpres-T EV is the first vehicle to be sold under this brand. The new Xpres T electric sedan has two range options – 213km as well as 165km.

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