Goa Energy Development Agency Invites Bids For Setting Up 40 EV Charging Stations Across The City


Goa Energy Development Agency (GEDA) invites bids for commissioning, operating, and maintaining, 40 electric vehicle charging stations across the city.

Under the FAME II scheme, the EV charging stations will be commissioned on a design, build, operate, finance, and transfer basis. The cost of the project is Rs 32 million.

The last day to submit the bids is 29th December 2022. The interested bidders pay a registration and processing fee of Rs 18,000 and an earnest money deposit of Rs 640,000.

The bidders can charge a maximum of Rs 8/kWh from the consumers. A bidder will be allotted a maximum of 8 locations, though they can bid for all the locations.

The EV charging stations must be commissioned within 5 months. In case of a delay in work execution, a penalty of Rs 15,000 will be levied on each charging station per week and a maximum of Rs 150,000 can be charged.

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