Pune Municipal Corporation Invites Bids For Setting Up EV Charging Stations Across The City


Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) invites bids for commissioning, operating, and maintaining electric vehicle charging stations across Pune for the public.

PMC has identified 92 locations including gardens, hospitals, PMC-owned parking facilities, and auditoriums for setting up EV charging stations.

The last day to submit the bids is 13th December 2022. All the charging stations will be commissioned under the public-private partnership (PPP) model.

The tender fee is Rs 20,000 and interested bidders must equip an earnest money deposit of Rs 500,000. A performance security of Rs 2.5 Million must be submitted by bidders.

The selected bidders must start the project within 14 days of signing the agreement and commission them within 6 months. A penalty of Rs 5,000 per day will be levied in case of delay in the work execution.

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