iVooMi Energy Launches New Variants Of S1 Electric Scooters In India

A file photo of iVooMi Energy - S1 electric scooter-peacock-blue

iVOOMi Energy, an EV company has launched new electric scooters in India for its model S1 and it is faster than ever. It includes S1 80, S1 100, and S1 240 variants.

According to an official report, the S1 high-speed electric scooters will retail at Rs 69,999 and go up to Rs 1,21,000. It will be available in three colors – Night Maroon, Peacock Blue, and Dusky Black.

Sunil Bansal (MD and Co-founder of IVOOMi Energy) said, “In our S1 series, our prime focus was to match the ergonomics of the Indian riders to the best possible standards and create a marvel that would usher everyone towards the adoption of e-vehicles.”

The S1 240 electric scooter has a range of 220 km and a twin battery pack that holds 4.2 kWh. It is also powered by a 2.5-kW motor to provide additional torque.

The S1 80 electric scooter’s motor is a 2.5kW hub-mounted unit that can reach speeds of 55 kmph. All models of the S1 will be able to ride in Eco, Rider, as well as Sport modes.

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The latest models also include features like “Find my Ride”, which is equipped with GPS trackers and monitoring systems. This helps to ensure the vehicle’s safety as well as make it easy for people to spot such as in mall parking lots, markets, etc.

According to the report, the S1 series of electric two-wheelers will be made available to customers starting December 1, at all iVOOMi dealers.

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