ALT Mobility Partners With One Electric To Supply Kridn Electric Motorcycles For Last-Mile Delivery

One Electric

ALT Mobility and One Electric have partnered to supply Kridn electric motorcycles for last-mile delivery partners. They will be deploying approximately 5,000 electric vehicles within the B2B logistics segment.

ALT and One Electric continue to collaborate on a two-wheeler vehicle for intra-city deliveries. This vehicle will be priced at the same price point, have superior technology, last longer, is comfortable, and can be used for logistic operations.

Dev Arora, Co-Founder and CEO of ALT Mobility, stated that this partnership is also expanding to Africa.

He stated that he had learned a lot from deploying more than 5,000 EVs in last-mile logistic operations and believes there is a need to have reliable vehicles that can handle multiple uses, provide high uptime and lower service costs.

One Electric has successfully tested ALT mobility in several cities. Gaurav Uppal is the founder and CEO of One Electric. He believes India is the best market for the company’s products. One Electric already sells its electric motorcycles in Africa.

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