Delhi Government Launches Open Database For Battery Swapping And EV Charging Stations


To bring together all-electric vehicle players, the Delhi government launched an open database for EV charging stations and battery-swapping stations via its Switch Delhi portal. Officials said that the database will allow open access to over 2,500 charging stations in Delhi to all EV players. They can also develop platforms to seamlessly provide information about charging and swapping stations to all EV users in Delhi.

In 2021, Delhi’s government created an open database for bus transportation, which was a huge success. Google, Uber, and many others are using the same database. The launch of the open database to charge EVs in Delhi will help solve the greatest problem facing EV users: range anxiety.

“It will enable them to use their favourite apps to locate more than 2,500 charging points and battery-swapping stations across Delhi and the number is expected to reach 18,000 by 2025,” Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot said.

On August 7, 2020, the city government notified the Delhi Electric Vehicles policy. The policy’s clause 6.4.2 states that Transport Department and GNCTD shall create an open, publicly-owned database providing historical and current information about public charging infrastructure.

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The transport department now has a publicly-owned, open database in line with the policy’s mandate.

The registered entities, as well as individuals, can access the database for retrieval of historical, real-time information, and for submission related to swapping infrastructure and public charging through the portal. 

The charging service providers can register on the open data portal to gain access to the data about all EV chargers, battery-swapping stations and other devices.

A private API Key will be shared immediately to allow access to dynamic data. The officials stated that a decision will be made within 48 hours after the request is submitted.

All entities that operate public or semi-public EV charging stations or swapping stations must submit data to the open databases within three weeks from the notification of the order, as per the Delhi EV Policy.

You can access the database free of charge using in-vehicle navigation systems, charging apps, and maps.

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