Dandera Ventures Launches Its First Cargo Electric Three-Wheeler, OTUA

A file photo of OTUA of Dandera Ventures.

Dandera Ventures, a sustainable mobility startup unveiled its first cargo electric three-wheeler, OTUA. The cargo EV has a weight of 183 CC, and a load carrying capacity of over 900 kg. It can travel 165 km on one charge and it is expandable to 300 km.

OTUA variants will be available for purchase at a subscription rate, with prices ranging from Rs 3,50,000 to R 5,50,000. Pre-bookings are already underway, but deliveries will start in the first quarter of next year.

This vehicle is intended for logistics and last-mile delivery companies. It will soon be available for retail sale by drivers and owners in selected markets across India. The vehicle will be made available in Delhi NCR, Maharashtra, and Gujarat.

Shark Tank was the first time that a startup showcased its vehicle on the popular reality TV show. It has been a well-known name today. Kanav Manchanda, founder and COO, Dandera Ventures said, “Shark Tank was very helpful, we gained a lot of PR as well and the feedback that we get from those stalwarts of the investment world, that was really helpful for us to know that we’re on the right track.”

Last-mile logistics and delivery is experiencing rapid growth. It is expected to reach $5 billion in the next few years. As part of its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, the industry is moving toward electric vehicles and other sustainable mobility options. Kanav explained how the OEM would split the expansion of capacity and R&D. “We devote a fair amount for R&D because our goal is to launch a new vehicle every two years.” Dandera will launch a four-wheeler in January 2023. A prototype vehicle will also be displayed at the Auto Expo.

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“Beyond that, in the next two years, the company will launch a six-wheeler as well. And going further, we will keep innovating products as we look at bringing a four-wheeler ambulance or five-wheeler vehicle,” Kanav added.

Sarth Jain, Founder of Xponents added, “The launch of OTUA marks a major step in Dandera’s journey to develop a complete ecosystem for the transition of last-mile delivery logistics to electric vehicles, serving the needs for both B2B and B2C logistics. OTUA’s launch has the potential to fundamentally change the way intracity and in-city distribution is executed, and the impact it has on our environment. The team at Dandera will continue to work on design innovation and developing newer technologies for more efficient and widely usable EVs.”

Kanav spoke about Dandera’s business model and how third-party logistics has gained momentum. He said that logistics will be a mix of both buy and lease. Today, 3PL players are looking to reduce their assets. They want to purchase the vehicle, lease it on a monthly basis or give them the infrastructure for parking.

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“At Dandera, the philosophy or vision that our company has is that we want to be a one-stop solution. If you want to buy the vehicle from us, we are ready to give it to you, if you want a fleet from us to be given to the lease. And we’re also setting up parking infrastructures with solar panels as well. So we are trying to be literally a zero carbon footprint venture,” Kanav explained.

OTUA was designed from the ground up to be an electric vehicle. It is a 100% indigenous product with all components and parts made in India. The R&D division at Dandera Ventures has engineered and designed OTUA’s drivetrain and battery with the sole purpose of exceeding both industry standards and end-customer expectations.

Kanav said, “we do not actually want battery swapping to be installed in these vehicles because the batteries are heavy and we’re getting really huge batteries. However, a few OEM partners who have intercity transit asked for a swapping station to be placed at their particular facilities and we have agreed to that so we are giving us optimal solutions even as of now.”

India’s EV market has experienced rapid growth in recent times. According to the Vahan database, electric three-wheelers accounted for 47% of the three-wheelers that were sold in the last financial year.

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Subsidies are being provided by the government to support the growth of the EV sector. According to the FAME policy, which was included in the FY2023 budget and favourable regulations and policies, 100% FDI approval, the increased push towards battery R&D and better-charging infrastructure are all part of the FAME policy.

The latest policy changes have been incorporated into the startup’s vehicles. They expect to receive certifications from IKEA within a few months. Dandera has already reached its production capacity and plans to produce between 100 and 150 vehicles starting in November. They also plan to reach the 300-unit mark by January 2023.

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