Olectra Greentech Receives An Order Of 100 Electric Buses From Assam

A file photo of Olectra Greentech K9 E-Bus

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Olectra Greentech Limited announced that it received a Letter of Award for 100 electric buses from Assam State Transport Corporations (ASTC).

According to a press release, the order was the first from North-Eastern countries. It will be delivered in nine months. The firm will also be responsible for maintaining the buses for five years. 

Olectra would receive approximately Rs.151 crore from these 100 buses.

K V Pradeep, Chairman, and Managing Director said, “We feel happy to get the first order from the North-Eastern states and Assam. With this order, our buses are running all the corners in India. Ours clocked over five crore kilometres on Indian roads, and reduced carbon emissions significantly.”

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