Tirex Transmission To Install 60 Chargers Across Hindustan Petroleum’s Fuel Stations In Gujarat And Rajasthan


Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) awards a contract for Tirex Transmission, an EV-charging solutions provider, to install over 60 chargers at its fuel stations across Gujarat and Rajasthan. According to a statement, the company stated that it had supplied EV chargers for KSEBL, NTPC, Olectra, Power Grid and Ashok Leyland.

Tirex will supply two kinds of DC fast chargers to this project as part of the contract. One type has a rating between 25-30 kW and one connector option of CCS2. The other type has a rating between 50-60 kW and combinations of connectors depending on the requirements.

These chargers come with two CCS-type output connectors that allow you to charge multiple vehicles simultaneously using shared power. This will reduce the time it takes to charge your vehicle at the EV charging station.

These chargers are compatible with all new-age EVs in India. This contract adds 3MW to Tirex’s already large supply of chargers in India, which is more than 20MW.

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India’s government has acknowledged that climate change is a pressing issue. The Government of India has launched a number of initiatives and projects to encourage people to convert to electric vehicles, including the Hindustan Petroleum project to deploy EV charging stations.

People are looking for an alternative to fossil fuels in the face of rising prices. They are slowly moving towards electric vehicles.

Their only problem is how to charge their EV. The availability of charging stations for electric vehicles is a concern. To ease this transition phase, it is necessary to create a reliable EV charging network that will allow future customers to feel confident in their decision to purchase an EV.

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