Punjab CM, Bhagwant Mann Gives Nod To Draft EV Policy


The Chief Minister of Punjab, Bhagwant Mann gives a nod to a draft policy for electric vehicles. It proposes to waive the registration fees, and road taxes, and offer cash incentives for purchasing electric vehicles.

Mann stated in an official statement that the draft policy was intended to reduce environmental pollution through carbon emission reductions through the promotion of electric vehicles.

The draft policy stated that EVs would be driven in major cities like Ludhiana, Bathinda, Patiala, and Jalandhar as well as Amritsar. These cities collectively account for more than half of the state’s vehicles.

Mann stated that the new draft policy will allow for 25% more electric vehicles to be registered in these cities.

He stated that electric charging station infrastructure will be installed throughout the state to charge private and public electric vehicles.

Mann stated that it would be the government’s goal to make the state a center for the manufacturing of electric vehicles and their components.

He stated that a centre of excellence would be established to conduct research and develop in this area. He said that the draft policy included cash incentives for people who choose to drive electric vehicles in the state.

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Mann stated that a provision was made that waived registration fees and road taxes for electric vehicles.

The first 1 lakh electric vehicle buyers will receive a financial incentive up to Rs 10,000. Similarly, the first 10,000 electric auto rickshaw or e-rickshaw buyers will be eligible for a concession up to Rs 30,000.

He stated that the incentive for the first 5,000 electric cart buyers will be Rs 30,000, and that incentive for the first 5,000 light commercial vehicle buyers will be Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000.

The CM stated that people’s views will be considered before finalizing the policy.

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