Siemens and ConnectDER Partner to Offer Plug-in Home EV Charging Solution

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ConnectDER, a company that helps consumers decarbonize their homes through easy additions of electric service capacity, will supply Siemens a plug-in adapter to charge electric vehicle chargers. This adapter will allow owners of electric vehicles (EVs) to charge their vehicles by connecting chargers directly through the home’s meter socket. It is a convenient and effective location that can be found in every home. The adapter bypasses the home’s electrical service panel and saves 60-80 percent on the installation cost.

ConnectDER’s cutting-edge sensing and controlling adapater platform will allow this new EV home charging technology to be created and manufactured exclusively by ConnectDER for Siemens. The technology allows for a quick and easy installation of EV chargers in just 15 minutes. A majority of US homes would require upgrades to accommodate a Level 2 charger. These chargers are typically between 7 and 11kW in size, and consume 40-60 Amps on the 240V line. This is a significant roadblock to EV adoption, particularly for homeowners with low and moderate incomes. Siemens will only be selling the adapter.

“Siemens invests to help the world embrace electrified transport, and we are happy to partner with ConnectDER,” stated Chris King, senior vice-president of strategic partnerships at Siemens. “While the EV industry is experiencing explosive growth, it must be removed from obstacles that prevent wider adoption. ConnectDER’s innovative solution for simplifying home EV charging is a great way to overcome these obstacles. We are thrilled to collaborate with the team to quickly roll out this product.” The vice-president added.

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ConnectDER CEO Whit Fulton said “We are excited to partner with Siemens. Siemens is a strong and storied provider of electrical infrastructure on the planet. We must increase the adoption of EVs if we are to achieve ambitious decarbonization goals. The installation of EV chargers plays a major part in that equation. This technology will save homeowners thousands of dollars on electricity and make it much easier to switch to electric cars.”

Siemens is a world leader in EV charging solutions and ConnectDER’s meter adapter technology was purchased by the company. This is part of the company’s ongoing strategic plan to meet increasing EV demand and increase transportation electrification jobs at all levels in the United States. Siemens eMobility solutions consist of AC and DC chargers that are deployed in all 50 US states. These chargers range from in-home chargers, depots, charging infrastructure systems, and even bus lines that supply electrified buses in some of the most populous cities in the country. Juniper Research recently reported that home EV charging integration will grow by 390% in the next five-years. The market for home chargers will grow to $16 billion by 2026. Driven by a large part of the lower cost and convenience. It was $3.4 billion in 2021. But, homeowners and electricians are finding it difficult to keep up with the rapid growth of EVs and find cost-effective ways to integrate EVs into their homes.

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A recent survey also found that the average American home is now about 40 years old. Homes in the Northeast are more than 60 years old. These homes were built in a time when electric service was scarcely needed. Pecan Street, an energy research firm, says that service panel upgrades are often required to meet the increased energy demands of smart appliances like EVs, heat pumps, and other smart applicants. This is a $100 billion obstacle to residential electrification. ConnectDER’s innovative meter-adapter platform bridges that gap, particularly for low- and moderate-income populations who live in older homes more often.

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