Motovolt Mobility Partners With CSC Grameen E-Store To Make Electric Mobility More Accessible Across India


CSC Grameen E-Store has partnered with Motovolt Mobility Pvt. Ltd to make electric mobility more accessible across India. Motovolt’s e-cycles will be made available to remote villages in India under the terms of the partnership.

Motovolt and CSC Grameen E-store have partnered to take advantage of the e-commerce revolution. This partnership will increase the quality of life in areas where public transport is scarce by offering a convenient commute option. The e-cycles will be made available to rural Indian consumers at the touch of a button, in the safety of their own homes, following COVID-19.

Tushar Choudhary, founder of Motovolt said that the partnership with CSC Grameen E-store will bring us closer to our dream of making every village and city in India electric. E-cycles emit zero emissions, are much cheaper to buy and more efficient than electric two-wheelers. They can also be used safely without the need to register or obtain a driving license. CSC e-store is India’s largest online store. It now has stores in all states and territories of the country. We hope this partnership will allow us to bring our affordable e-cycles across India. To place an order, a person must visit the closest CSC. CSC VLE will ensure prompt delivery

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Further, Dr Dinesh Kumar Tyagi MD, CSC SPV, stated that CSC took the initiative to promote Rural e-mobility in order to help students, small vendors, women, and farmers increase their economic, social and business activities. Our partnership with Motovolt will help fulfil the vision of increasing mobility for the rural populace and achieve the Government’s vision of Gram Swaraj & Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Motovolt’s smart e-cycles are powered by advanced Li batteries. They are more durable and last longer. Motovolt’s e-cycles are rated highly by Indian consumers as a convenient and effective alternative to two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

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