ChargePoint, Charge Across Town and California Energy Commission Join Forces to Expand EV Charging Infrastructure in California


California-based ChargePoint is a leading electric vehicle charging network. Recently it announced a collaboration with Charge Across Town and California to install hundreds of EV chargers in multifamily properties across the state. Providing EV charging infrastructure in multifamily buildings will make it simpler and more affordable for Californians who live in apartments or condos to charge their electric vehicles at home. This will help them to make the switch to electric mobility.

John Schott (Director, Public-Private Partnerships at ChargePoint) said, “As a California-based company, we’re proud to partner with the California Energy Commission to create a reliable, equitable, and accessible EV charging infrastructure. Everyone should have the ability to drive electric. This partnership recognizes that charging should also be available where drivers live, work, and play. We are proud of our track record of providing charging solutions that drivers and owners of multifamily properties rely on every single day. We look forward to continuing this important work.”

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Maureen Blanc, Charge Across Town Director, stated that one barrier to EV adoption is the inaccessibility of home charging and a lack of infrastructure for electric vehicles. We have the opportunity to inform residents and multifamily owners about EV charging, how it works, the benefits and affordability of electric vehicles, as well as the state and local incentives that are available.

ChargePoint was awarded $4.25million by the California Energy Commission’s Reliable, Efficient, and Accessible Charging For Multifamily Housing (REACH). ChargePoint will work with multifamily property managers and owners to install hundreds of CPF50 or CT4000 charging ports for electric vehicles. 75 percent of the charge is reserved for buildings in low-income and disadvantaged communities.

ChargePoint will also partner with Charge Across Town to educate residents and building owners about electric vehicles. ChargePoint’s smart EV charging infrastructure allows for charging at home quickly and efficiently. Charge Across Town will host educational events in each building prior to and after EV charging infrastructure is installed. They will also continue collecting feedback from building managers.

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Residents living in multifamily homes will be able to drive more than 2.7 million miles electric during the five-year period after the chargers have been installed. This is equivalent to planting 18 million trees and keeping them alive for a decade.

ChargePoint currently estimates that a ChargePoint driver plugs in a ChargePoint charger approximately every second. With electric vehicle sales set to increase exponentially as more affordable vehicles become available, California’s nearly 4.8 million residents will require charging solutions at their homes. ChargePoint has the experience to address all aspects of EV drivers, including shared, assigned, and combined parking, as well as portfolio-wide charging management software.

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