Goa To Discontinue Subsidies On Electric Vehicles After July 31, 2022


Goa revokes its electric vehicle subsidies and it is the first Indian state to reverse subsidies for electric vehicles. However, electric vehicle buyers in Goa will still be able to access subsidies under the FAME II scheme and central schemes.

The Department of New & Renewable Energy of Goa issued a notice advising that the State Government EV Subsidy will no longer be available for electric two or three or four-wheelers bought after July 31, 2022.

The notification stated, “Government is pleased to announce the discontinuance of the scheme for the promotion of electric vehicles in Goa state” notified vide Series 1. Notably, Goa’s electric vehicle Promotion Policy was implemented last December. The policy was only in effect for seven months.

Although the Stata Government did not give any explanations for the policy’s withdrawal, it appears that the policy’s target for EVs has been achieved. Goa’s EV subsidies policy limits eligibility to 3,000 electric two-wheelers and 50 electric three-wheelers. It also prohibits 300 electric four-wheelers from being eligible.

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