Hero Electric Provides 100 Electric Scooters To Shadowfax

Hero Electric Launches It's New E-Scooter, Hero Eddy

Crowdsource platform Shadowfax for last-mile delivery has announced that it received 100 electric scooters from Hero Electric. According to a statement, Shadowfax intends to convert 75% of its fleet to electric by 2025.

Hero Electric delivered the first 100 electric scooters to Shadowfax in Bangalore as part of a partnership between both companies.

Hero Electric, as part of the April partnership, will assist the company in the conversion of a quarter it is 1,00,000. strong delivery fleet to its NYX HX electric scooters.

Shadowfax boasts over 1.2 million monthly transacting partners who deliver more than 10 lakh orders each day. Shadowfax is actively seeking green mobility solutions, Praharsh Chandra, Shadowfax’s Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, stated.

Chandra said that Shadowfax will deploy 1,000 electric scooters in the coming months.

Sohinder Gill (CEO of Hero Electric) stated that delivering the 100 electric scooters was only the beginning of a long, symbiotic relationship.

He said that the last-mile delivery segment is growing at a remarkable pace with more businesses shifting to an EV ecosystem in order to achieve their company goals.

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Gill stated that the partnership will provide a carbon-free logistics market fleet while meeting consumer demands and minimizing emissions.

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