JCP&L To Launch Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program


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Jersey Central Power & Light is a subsidiary FirstEnergy Corp. and has launched EV Driven, a four-year program that provides incentives for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The program was approved recently by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. It will help reduce auto emissions and improve the state’s environment.

“New Jersey is a leader in electric vehicle adoption and clean energy, and the EV Driven program helps customers build the charging infrastructure necessary to reach the state’s goal to register 330,000 electric cars by 2025,” stated James Fakult (president of JCP&L). “We are excited to support New Jersey’s efforts to expand charging stations network so that we can continue to provide safe, reliable, and affordable service for our customers.”

Three components make up the $39.8 Million program:

Residential charging – Offers up to $1500 in incentives to customers for electrical upgrades that are required for up to 2,000 Level Two qualified electric vehicle chargers within JCP&L’s service region. Qualified residential customers could also be eligible to receive up to $5,500 in utility upgrades such as new poles or transformers. These are required to power the chargers. To encourage charging outside of peak hours, bill credit incentives might be available.

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Mixed-use commercial charging and multifamily property charging – The mixed-use program offers up to $6700 per qualified Level 2 charger for up 500 public-access ports and up to $5,000 for 100 ports that are dedicated to work use within JCP&L’s service territory. Multifamily property owners can also qualify for off-peak charges and incentives up to $8,375 for a qualified Level Two charger up to 150 ports within JCP&L’s service territory and up to $6,700 per smart charging port for up to 150 ports in non-overburdened communities in JCP&L’s service territory Mixed-use commercial and multifamily properties also cover the cost of upgrading utilities at eligible locations.

Public-access DC Fast Charging – Offers incentives up to $25,000 per DC Fast Charger Port for up to 248 charging points that are accessible to the public in JCP&L’s service area. JCP&L will also install underground cabling, transformers and metering connections for up to 124 public DC fast charging locations, at a cost up to $50,500 per location. Demand charge discounts are available to help offset the higher electrical costs associated with DC fast charging.

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Electric vehicles are a cleaner, more efficient option to gasoline-powered cars. They average as much as one-third of the gasoline cost-per-mile. Depending on battery capacity, EV driving distance can range from approximately 80 miles to 280 miles. New Jersey’s Energy Master Plan encourages electric vehicle adoption in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The largest source of greenhouse gases in New Jersey is the transportation sector, which accounts for 46% state’s total emissions.

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