Delhi Government Holds Training Session For E-Cycle Makers On Receiving Subsidies Through The Portal

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Officials from the Delhi government announced that they are holding a training session for e-cycle makers to learn how to upload their details to a portal in order to receive subsidies for buyers.

According to government data, 50 e-cycles were sold since June 22, when the portal was launched by the government.

“We conducted a training session for the original equipment manufacturers to teach them on how to upload details of buyers for availing subsidy, documents to be uploaded and how they should be accurate in keying in the details so that the subsidy is credited to the buyer without any glitches,” said an official.

Officials from the original equipment manufacturers are training dealers in uploading, and they have been asked to come up with ways to encourage e-cycle use in Delhi.

A fully-subsidized electric cycle can cost between Rs 30999 and Rs 54999 without any subsidy.

The approved six brands of e-cycles are: Stryder Cycle Private Limited; Motorvolt Mobility Private Limited; Motorvolt Mobility Private Limited; Avon Cycles Limited; E-Motorad; Nexzu Mobility Limited; Hero Lectro E-cycles.

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For the first 10,000 buyers in Delhi of e-cycles, the government will provide a subsidy worth Rs 5,500 on each cycle. Under the Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy, Rs 2,000 will be provided to the first 1,000 purchasers of passenger e-cycles.

To reduce pollution, the Delhi government is encouraging electric vehicles to be adopted in the capital. The government’s EV policy has set a target of 25% electric vehicles in Delhi’s total vehicle registrations by 2024.

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