Delhi Government Launches A WhatsApp Chatbox For Answering EV-Related Queries


In an effort to increase awareness of electric vehicles in Delhi, the state government has created this chatbot via the instant messaging platform WhatsApp. The chatbot service will help answer any queries about electric vehicles (EVs) that the Delhi government has created. 

This chatbot is designed to assist residents of the city with all their EV-related questions. The chatbot will answer questions about incentives, price, charging solutions, and range among other things.

Ashish Kundra, the Delhi Transport Commissioner took to Twitter to announce the launch of the chatbot. He tweeted, “Delhi government launched a WhatsApp Chatbot for Electric Vehicles.” Find the nearest charging station and learn more about electric mobility models. Let’s all Switch Delhi together!

After sending a “Hello” text, the chatbot asks the user to choose between English or Hindi. The chatbot then lists five options: EV Calculator (Based upon potential savings while switching EV), EV Search (Find the right electric vehicle), Charging Stations, FAQs and EV Pledge.

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This initiative follows the Delhi government’s recent announcement of its draft policy, the ‘Delhi Motor Vehicle Aggregator Scheme’. The state government mandated that all-electric vehicles be used by cab services, food delivery and e-commerce companies by April 1, 2030.

The government of Arvind Kejriwal has also proposed an Rs.50,000 per vehicle fine for companies that fail to follow the guidelines.

The Delhi government launched its EV policy in August 2020, with the goal of electrifying 25% of all new vehicle sales by 2024. The capital’s EV sales share was 12.5% of all vehicles sold earlier this year. Two years ago, the EV market share was only 1.2%. It has been growing steadily since then.

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