Volkswagen Introduces It’s First Fully-Electric Sedan- ID. AERO

The new ID. AERO concept car

Volkswagen is revealing a preview for the next ID member with the ID. AERO Show Car. Ralf Brandstatter is the Chief Executive Officer of Volkswagen Passenger Cars. He describes it as a car with an emotionally charged and aerodynamic design. It also has a range exceeding 600 km, extraordinary interior space, and an exceptional amount of space. We are actively driving the electrification of the model range with our ACCELERATE strategy. This model, which follows the ID. 4, will be our next global vehicle for Europe and China.

The concept vehicle measures almost five meters in length and was built using aerodynamic principles. The roof slopes gracefully towards the rear in coupe-style and contributes to an excellent drag coefficient (0.23). The modular electric drive matrix (MEB), a Volkswagen design, allows for short overhangs, long wheelbases, and a spacious interior. The ID. AERO comes with powerful lithium-ion batteries with a net energy of 77 kWh. The ID. AERO’s efficient drive system combined with its aerodynamic properties allows it to travel up to 620 km (WLTP), making this vehicle suitable for long distances.

China’s electric offensive: Volkswagen has introduced the ID. AERO concept vehicle, which is close to production. This is part of its ACCELERATE strategy. The production version of ID. AERO, which will replace ID.3 and ID.4, will be China’s fourth fully-electric vehicle series. It is expected to become available in the second half of 2023. There are two versions planned: one for each Volkswagen joint venture. Volkswagen, based on its regional strategy in China, aims to be the largest supplier of sustainable vehicles. It is expected that by 2030, at least one-third of all Chinese vehicles will be electric.

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Volkswagen is advancing its electric offensive globally through the Way to ZERO. The ID. AERO, which is the new flagship model in the ID family will be available globally in the future – in North America and Europe as well as China.

Aerodynamics, metallic paintwork, and wrap-around light strips make for an elegant design. The ID. AERO stylistically transfers the ID family’s design to a sedan in a premium mid-size segment. Aerodynamically designed roof and front end ensure optimal airflow. Airflow is slowed by the slightly drawn-in rear with a separation edge. Two-tone 22-inch sporty wheels in two colors are designed in the shape of a turbine and are flush with the wheel housings. The classic door handles have been replaced with illuminated touch surfaces that reduce drag. The design is shaped by the bold tornado line at the top of this silhouette and the downward-sloping roofline. Above the tornado line is the ID. AERO’s powerful shoulder section. The contour lines give the electric sedan a flat appearance and give it a dynamic appearance.

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The ID AERO concept car has a Polar Light Blue metallic paintwork. This is a light metallic shade whose color pigments create a golden glow effect in the right light conditions. In contrast with the vehicle’s body, the roof is finished in high-gloss Black.

The ID honeycombs, which are typical for the ID family, characterize the front end. The ID. AERO front is divided horizontally in the bumper. This is a distinctive style element. A narrow light strip that runs horizontally across the front of the ID. AERO makes it stand out from the rest is another distinguishing feature. It wraps into the wings, and the side panels, and extends to the left and the right of the illuminated Volkswagen badge. With a few exceptions, this light strip continues visually to the rear. A dominant rear end features a striking dark strip and LED tail light clusters with honeycomb structures that create an exclusive appearance.

The versatility of the MEB is demonstrated by the ID. AERO. The ID AERO demonstrates Volkswagen’s pure electric MEB architecture. It can be adapted to fit different vehicle shapes and sizes. The MEB is versatile and can be used in all segments, from small crossovers or SUVs to large sedans, as well as minibusses. With the ID. AERO the MEB allows the family to access the mid-size sedan segment. The MEB fully utilizes electric mobility by allowing long ranges and high levels of digital connectivity. It also offers over-the-air updates and digital connectivity.

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Emden will be producing the European version. The production version of ID. AERO Europe is expected to roll off the Emden plant’s assembly line in 2023. Emden, with its high-volume production of electric vehicles, will be the first Volkswagen plant of this type in Lower Saxony. This will make a significant contribution to electrifying model ranges and reducing CO2 emissions for the entire new vehicle fleet.

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