Karnataka Government With UK Government And NITI Aayog Launches Awareness Portal For EVs, ‘EV Jagruthi’

The British High Commissioner to India, Alex Ellis and Karnataka Minister for Energy, Kannada and Culture, Sunil Kumar launches an awareness portal for electric vehicles, 'EV Jagruthi'.

The British High Commissioner to India, Alex Ellis and Karnataka Minister for Energy, Kannada and Culture, Sunil Kumar launches an awareness portal for electric vehicles, ‘EV Jagruthi’.

This portal was created by NITIAayog with Karnataka’s government and the United Kingdom’s government. This portal will raise awareness about electric mobility in the state and will also serve as a one-stop site for providing all information related to electric vehicle adoption in Karnataka.

The portal provides access to state-specific information on e-mobility. It aims to help users switch to EVs by giving insights into the state’s goals, incentives, support mechanisms, and initiatives in electric mobility. Accessible via various devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and PCs as well as assistive technologies like screen readers, the portal can be accessed from any device.

Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM), MD P Rajendra Cholan said, “The EV Jagruthi portal caters to the needs and priorities of a diverse set of stakeholders, including but not limited to future electric vehicle users, early electric vehicle adopters, government, academia, the research community, industry, businesses house and consultants. The state government endeavours to continuously enhance and enrich this portal in terms of its content, coverage, design and technology on a regular basis. As an accelerator of change, this portal will influence various stakeholders, including millions of state users, to adopt electric vehicles, drawing more investments into the state’s electric mobility sector.”

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On the occasion, a report entitled “Roadmap to transform Bengaluru into a Global Electric Vehicle Lighthouse City in India” was also released.

“It first gives an insight on the need of mobility in Bengaluru, which is followed by its potential to become a Global EV Lighthouse City in India. Thereafter, a brief is given about the key challenges faced by the city’s transportation system and the barriers for electric vehicle adoption, which helps to gain an understanding of the rationale for the transition strategy that is being suggested. This report, thereafter, represents a short, medium and long-term phased strategy for Bengaluru to become a global EV lighthouse city in India. In parallel, it showcases the learnings from best practices of electric mobility from the United Kingdom. Finally, the report gives recommendations on accessing innovative finance, electric mobility innovation centres, EV accelerator cells, and gender and inclusion,” the report said.

“These interventions would help attract investments worth Rs 31,000 crore, create jobs for 55,000 persons and reduce 85.58 MTons amount of net CO2 emissions over the vehicles’ lifetime by 2030 for the state of Karnataka,” it read.

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This report offers suggestions for accessing innovative finance, electric vehicle innovation centers, EV accelerator cells, and inclusion.

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