Holman Invests In Electric Vehicle Management Software Innovator, AmpUp

Holman, a global automotive services organization.

Holman, a global automotive services organization, announced an investment from its venture capital division in AmpUp, a leading electric vehicle (EV) management software company. AmpUp’s innovative technology allows organizations and fleet operators to efficiently monitor and manage their EV charging infrastructure to simplify charging schedules and optimize energy consumption.

In addition to the strategic capital investment, this collaborative effort is poised to leverage Holman’s industry-leading fleet management services and AmpUp’s technology platform to aggregate charging information with vehicle operating data, reducing the risk of data fragmentation and mitigating fraud while also eliminating potential blind spots as fleet operators successfully navigate the transition to EVs.

“As a growing number of organizations embrace EVs and the associated infrastructure becomes increasingly robust, enhanced visibility to charging data will be vital to effectively managing EV chargers and optimizing charging strategies at scale,” said Emily Graham, Director of Sustainability, Holman. “As we continue to explore potential electrification opportunities with our customers, aligning with technology leaders such as AmpUp allows us to integrate at-home and public charging information with the full range of vehicle operating data we already capture, further streamlining the transition to EVs for fleet operators and delivering the insight necessary to make fully-informed strategic decisions.”

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AmpUp’s proprietary software solution helps to simplify electric vehicle adoption by improving the EV charging experience for organizations and their drivers. The technology makes EV charge scheduling easier and more convenient while also providing better infrastructure control and delivering increased visibility to key charging metrics.

“Holman’s automotive expertise and legacy in the industry is second to none and we’re extremely proud of the investment they’re making in our company as we continue on our mission to electrify transportation,” said Thomas Sun, CEO, AmpUp. “As more businesses transition their fleets to electric vehicles, we believe our intuitive technology will help organizations quickly scale smart charging solutions and make implementing electrification programs as seamless as possible for fleet operators.”

AmpUp’s product suite is poised to accelerate the transition to EVs for a number of fleet operators and Holman looks forward to being part of the company’s continued growth.

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