Greta Electric Scooters Announces Establishment Of Faridabad Manufacturing Plant

Greta Electric Scooter

Greta Electric Scooters, founded by Raj Mehta announced the establishment of a Faridabad manufacturing plant. This is to increase its presence in the North Indian market and cater to the increasing demand for electric vehicles. 

The expansion to Faridabad marks a significant milestone for the founder in a 15-year-plus journey that began at the age of 14. Mehta, who was 17 years old when he founded an automobile company, was also the youngest person to obtain an import-export license. Mehta started out by selling conversion kits for regular bikes to e-bikes.

Greta Scooters chose Faridabad because of its proximity to the National Capital Region, and easy access to the Northern Belt. This will reduce the time and cost of getting products to the market.

All models of Greta Electric Scooters will be manufactured at the manufacturing plant with a production capacity of 30,000 units per year. Greta Electric Scooters now has the ability to reach its dealers in just 15-20 days.

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Raj Mehta, Founder of Greta Electric Scooters, said, “Very excited with the new manufacturing facility in Faridabad. It is yet another step in being more accessible to our customers. This marks our unrelenting commitment to a greener world, with a commute that does not harm the environment. We plan to initiate an education drive to get more and more people to go the EV route, our small contribution to the GOI’s pledge to be zero-emission by 2030. We intend to look at local talent to fill vacancies that our expansion drive opens up.”

The four current models of Greta Electric Scooters include DRL, EBS, ATA System, reverse modes, smart shift, disc brakes, digital instrument cluster display, keyless ignition, anti-theft alarm, and keyless start. They have a range of approximately 100 km.

The firm offers conversion kits available to convert pedal-operated bicycles and pedal rickshaws (Passenger, as well as commercial), tricycles for the physically abled, and bikes (India’s first-ever Retro-Fitment Kit) to electric.

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