An Interesting Conversation With Shashikiran NK, Managing Director, Arushi Green Energy ( India ) Private Limited


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In an interesting conversation with EMobility+, Mr. Shashikiran NK, Managing Director, Arushi Green Energy ( India ) Private Limited spoke about the company’s progress and goals for 2022. He gave us details about the EV charging services the company offers, their USPs, and their existing widespread network across the country.

1. How is the year 2022 progressing for Arushi Green Energy? What goals are planned for this year?

As far as our Solar PV Division is concerned the Year 2022 began with a bang by bagging a prestigious order from the Indian Institute of Science -a new science city of India at Challakere campus. 

The EV Charging Division has large goals to achieve in 2022; our efforts over the past year are bearing fruit and we are finding more and more interest in joining as Channel Partners/ Operating Partners. The Revenue Share model is an attractive feature in this Model.

The inquiries are coming from across the country and we are looking forward to a Pan- India footprint in the next six months.

2. Please tell our readers about the EV charging services you offer.

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The type of charger that is available has to suit the requirement of the customer, In apartment complexes where the EV is parked overnight, the charger can be AC and the time taken for full charge can be 8 or 9 hours. In public parking spaces, the customers might look for Fast Chargers that can don the full charge within 0.30 to 3 hours maximum before they need to use the car so there should be a choice of both Fast & Rapid Chargers. On the highways, the EV Charger has to provide Charging at a fast clip, the time that a traveler has a stopover for a snack or refreshment. Rapid Chargers/Ultrafast chargers are best suited to cater to this section of the consumer.

3. What are the USPs of your offerings?

We have the range of EV Chargers to suit the requirements and we will be having a combination of Fast, Ultra Fast, Rapid Chargers, Quick Chargers.

Arushi Green USP will be a seamless payment system anywhere, anytime!

But the unique offer of Arushi is that it comes with the offer of integrating a Solar Rooftop PV system, there are two advantages; one is that Grid Tariff is increasing year on year, with Solar your cost is fixed for 25 years and there is no uncertainty in return of investment.

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The second advantage is that ‘Environmental’ concerns are addressed by integrating solar with EV Charger. Environmental activists have the ready argument that EVs have to be charged with the Electricity produced which will anyway increase the pollution, but delinking the power required from the conventional power plants will result in reducing pollution as well, which is the prime driver behind faster adoption of EVs.

4. What is your view on the present EV charging infrastructure in India?

India is a vast country and we are at present at the nascent stage of EV growth, the limiting factor that EVs have is the range it can cover on a full charge, but if, as planned, the spread of EV Chargers is as ubiquitous as today’s Petrol & Diesel Bunks then people will switch to EVs wholeheartedly.

5. How is your presence currently spread in India? Any expansion plans?

We have activated a network of associates to help service our customers across the country. When fully activated we will be able to offer our services across the length and breadth of the country. We have a firm belief that we will be able to scale operations in a short time and provide business and employment opportunities to a large number in India.

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