Delhi Govt Launches Website For EV

A file photo of EV website of Delhi government.

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The Delhi government has launched a portal for providing all the required information on electric vehicles on a single platform. Information like EV models, savings, charging facilities, and others are available on this platform. The platform is a resourceful platform, interactive, user-friendly to the public.

“This new website will be able to provide all required information to potential EV consumers and keep up to date with sales and daily growing charging infrastructure data too. It enables the consumers to make a rational choice and identify the cost reduction that an EV can provide,” said Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot.

The platform provides the features of chargers and the location of charging points with real-time updates of the numbers. As of now, Delhi has installed 377 charging stations in 170 locations.

A special feature which is the ‘EV calculator’ calculates the savings of users on EV vehicle and compare it with its equivalent petrol/diesel-based vehicle.

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The website updates on EV ecosystem of Delhi (uptake and sales of vehicles) in real-time. Users can give feedback, requests, and report grievances too and an auto-generated mail will be sent to the users.

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