Humsafar To Set Up First EV Charging Station In Delhi

EV Charging Point
A file photo of electric vehicle charging point

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Humsafar India will enter into battery replacement and the electric vehicle charging market. The company plans to set up the first charging point in Noida and Delhi and later across the country.

The company is also in talks with oil marketing companies for setting up electric vehicle stations in cities. The use of EVs is rising in the country and so is the demand for charging stations.

Nishit Goel, Founder Director of Humsafar India said, “Humsafar will be developing charging stations at its tech platform and create its manufacturing consortia for standardized EV components such as batteries, powertrain, and charging equipment. Humsafar India is expecting the market to unfold very quickly once the two-wheeler market fully extends in the EV space. We will try to reach for avenues other than fuel retail outlets for EV charging.”

Humsafar is working on a dealer owner dealer operated model in which the company will be a facilitator for establishing the facility and post-setup it will provide tech support like customer management.

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“The company also plans to provide CNG in dispensers as part of doorstep service as the government has recently opened up this sector. Our vision is to provide last-mile connectivity in fuel space. Therefore, it is logical to get into other fuels as the central government keeps opening up the space. Therefore, CNG delivery being made available by the Govt was the next logical step,” said Sanya Goel, Founder Director of Humsafar India.

She added, “We also look forward to petrol door delivery in the next 2 to 5 years given the scarcity of land in urban areas. Our target for the Financial year 2022-23 is selling 2-lakh diesel jerry cans and 500 bowsers. Our targets for the next fiscal will be considerably higher as we are also focusing on the sales of diesel through these machines for customers we are providing these too. Once we get traction on diesel sales, we will be able to derive more orders for these.”

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