Telangana To Exempt First Two Lakh EVs From Registration Fee And Road Tax

white car charging
Photo by Rathaphon Nanthapreecha on

Transport Minister of Telangana Puvvada Ajay Kumar said that the first 500 electric buses, 5000 electric cars, 10000 light good vehicles, 20000 autos, and two lakh electric two-wheelers will be exempted from the registration fee and road tax.

There has been increased use of electric vehicles in Hyderabad as many people are now considering eco-friendly vehicles to bring down carbon emissions. In 2016, there were only 25 electric vehicles, now the number has gone over 10000.

“Telangana government offers 100% exemption of road tax and registration fee for first two lakh electric two-wheelers purchased and registered within the state,” the minister said.

Telangana is also developing new policies that include incentives for manufacturing and using electric vehicles with the latest policies.

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