Kinetic Green, Tonino Lamborghini Launches Electric Golf Cart At EICMA


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EICMA 2021, which begins today in Milan, is focusing on a fresh set of eco-friendly wheels. Tonino Lamborghini’s renowned Italian vehicle brand Iso and Kinetic Green of India, an EV initiative of the Pune-based Kinetic Group, have unveiled a new range of electric golf carts.

The IsoDivo Golf Cart, which is available in two varieties, Strada and Golf, was designed in Italy and produced in India, and it is planned to be distributed globally. Their commercial entry is planned for early 2022.

Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions (KGEPSL), a subsidiary of the Pune-based Kinetic Group, established cooperation with Italian luxury accessories’ manufacturer Tonino Lamborghini Spa in 2018 to develop and produce premium segment electrified and solar golf carts for the worldwide market.

Kinetic Green Energy owns 75% of the JV, Kinetic Green Tonino Lamborghini Private Ltd, while the other 25% is owned by the Lamborghini family through Tonino Lamborghini SpA.

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Founder and CEO of Kinetic Green, Sulajja Firodia Motwani stated: “The joint-venture represents a confluence of two rich automotive legacies from the house of Lamborghini and Kinetic, with diverse, complementary skills that stretch beyond geographical frontiers to create a new force in the world of electric vehicles,”

According to the statement, the joint venture business, Kinetic Green Tonino Lamborghini, will create a series of smart carts ranging from 2-seater to 8-seater alternatives for a variety of applications such as golf, sightseeing, catering, and personal usage under the Iso brand.

The Joint Venture will also launch an additional ultra-premium series of golf carts underneath the Tonino Lamborghini name in 2022.

Ferruccio Lamborghini, the brand’s owner, has pulled together complimenting know-how to launch a new trend in e-golf carts with Kinetic Green, according to the company. 

The Iso Divo golf cart has the finest aesthetics, performance, and lithium-ion batteries that charge quickly, hydraulic brakes on all four wheels, and independent suspension for optimal comfort.

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According to the publication,  the Iso brand is being resurrected by Ferruccio and a variety of Iso scooters, designed by Ferruccio and developed in collaboration with Giken Mobility of Singapore, will also be displayed during EICMA.

Ferruccio in his statement said that he had been seeking strong partners, industry leaders, with whom to attain the highest quality, performance, and design requirements. He wanted to launch the initiative at EICMA in Italy, to highlight the brand’s Italian heritage, the Iso brand has its origins.

The ISO Divo Strada series is also available as a “street legal” golf cart that complies with US DOT certification criteria. This opens the door to tremendous expansion in North America. DOT-approved golf carts can operate at speeds of up to 40kph on neighbouring roadways.

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