MyGate and REVOS Join Forces To Make EV Charging Infrastructure Available To RWAs


MyGate, India’s premier app for security management solutions in gated communities, has joined up with REVOS (BOLT) to develop sustainable EV charging stations in gated communities across the nation in collaboration with Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs).

REVOS BOLT provides the infrastructure for the charging of EVs across the country and is compatible with any modern-day charger that comes with EVs, and as the world is moving towards more sustainable solutions to fuel vehicles, 2 million EVs are expected to be running across India, and thereby the elevated demand for charging points is inevitable.

BOLT foresees what’s coming and partnered with MyGate to install thousands of BOLT EV charging solutions in gated premises in the upcoming year, so as to ensure seamless and hassle-free charging solutions to residents. 

The collaboration brings RWA an opportunity to generate a passive income source by opening the charging points for the residents along with outsiders. This first massive EV charging implementation is the right set of circumstances for RWAs to upgrade their existing charging infrastructure. 

The BOLT charging infrastructure is device neutral and can be interconnected with the majority of the country’s charging solution suppliers. Once BOLT is established, RWAs may select between private and public charging modes for their charging stations, as well as set the pricing based on existing commercial/EV rates. Based on their business strategy, they can also opt to recoup the initial outlay by charging a transaction charge to locals.

After receiving the green flag from RWA, residents will be provided with the option to install a personal charging station, amidst the availability of public charging points, which the residents will be able to see in the MyGate app, check and book the available slots and pay according to usage.

As the population of urban flats and villa communities grows, RWAs play a significant role in addressing the gap in the availability of electric charging facilities. According to the survey, over 40% of RWAs plan to upgrade EV charging facilities during the next 12 months, and more than 30% plan to provide it within the following 1-3 years. 

MyGate and BOLT have really made a good deal in economic perspectives as thousands of BOLT charging stations with an installed capacity of over 3,600KW have already been placed across 60 different cities in India leveraging customer trust and support, while MyGate is facilitating over 3 million check-ins each day at over 25000 gated communities across 25+ cities, thereby providing the customers itself.

With many state legislatures directing RWAs to install EV charging stations, MyGate and BOLT have released a handbook for RWAs wanting to establish EV charging infrastructure.

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