E.ON Acquires Majority Stake In GridX For The Energy Transition

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Essen-based energy group E.ON is continuing to drive forward the digitalization of the energy world by acquiring a majority stake in Aachen-based start-up gridX, the leading provider of smart grid intelligence in the energy sector. Founded in 2016, the company develops digital platform solutions that connect, control and optimize decentralized energy resources such as electric cars.

Thomas Birr, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at E.ON, says: “The acquisition of a majority stake in gridX is another step on our path toward the decentralized and, above all, digital energy world of the next decades. Through gridX, we will be able to offer our customers innovative digital energy management solutions for the intelligent energy management of the entire home including the charging of e-cars and enable complete smart neighborhoods. In this way, we are also enabling our customers to achieve their own sustainability goals and contribute to the success of the energy transition.”

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The two founders and managing directors of gridX, David Balensiefen and Andreas Booke added: “Since the founding of gridX, our primary goal has always been to generate maximum positive impact through our technology platform. Through the strong strategic partnership with E.ON, we can now support our customers even better on their way to a sustainable and decarbonized energy future.”

E.ON has already been working with gridX since 2017. In one of several applications including the installation of an intelligent load management system at E.ON’s headquarters in Essen that enables dynamic charging for electric vehicles. In this system, the available energy for the charging points is dynamically distributed between the charging points and taken into account in the building’s load management. If, for example, consumption in the building drops, more electric cars are able to be charged at the same time or with higher charging power. This means that individual charging processes are optimized and the full available electricity capacity at the location is used efficiently – in almost real-time.

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The gridX business model is fully in line with current developments in the energy industry: Originally clearly defined roles between energy producers on the one hand and consumers on the other are merging. Millions of households are becoming “prosumers” by not only consuming energy but also feeding it into E.ON’s distribution grids via their own photovoltaic systems.

The digital smart grid platform “Xenon” developed by gridX offers comprehensive options for the control and holistic optimization of various decentralized plants. E.ON customers in Germany and Europe can thus keep a close eye on their energy usage and take steps to control this at any time.

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