Greaves E- mobility Business – Ampere Electric Records Its Best-Ever Month Of Retail Sales In August 2021


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Ampere Electric, the e-mobility business of Greaves Cotton Limited has set a sales benchmark in the month of August with close to 5000 units and a remarkable increase in channel leads.

Considering the overwhelming demand as a result of the India electrified initiative, the company is planning to bring in various initiatives to enhance the customer experience and to establish touchpoints enabling accessibility. Greaves expanded its comprehensive ecosystem with e2w from Ampere, e-rickshaws from Ele and E-Auto from MLR.

Commenting on the performance Roy Kurian, COO, Ampere Electric said, “We are focused to provide a wide range of facilities to improve customer experience and bring more value to their lives. August-2021 has been an exceptional month for the company and we are striving to perform consistently to ensure profitable growth and increased mindshare in last mile electric vehicles segment. “

Since its inception, Greaves has followed its vision to diversify the offerings; bringing the best for the consumers and the environment. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Electric scooters have seen a dramatic increase in demand due to their broader demographic appeal and ease of handling. With changing consumer behaviour, enhanced environmental consciousness, rising petrol prices, rapid urbanization
and significant COVID protocols; we are seeing more people switching to sustainable personal mobility options.

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Addressing the growing demand for EV, Ampere Electric has announced a new state of the art EV mega factory in Tamil Nadu’s Ranipet district and is expected to be operational soon, which will boost the brand’s manufacturing capacity.

Ampere is the fastest growing brand in India with a presence in both B2C and B2B segments. The company is training mechanics to ensure they are equipped to meet servicing needs of customers in the future and thus, generating opportunities and establishing convenience for the consumer.

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